10 Controlling Ideas

  1. Becca, an only child, has parents who are always too busy for her. She takes matters into her own hands one day and makes herself an imaginary friend. Things go terribly wrong when it turns out to look like the scariest thing in the world.
  2. All the little goblins in Pedro’s class stay far far away from him since his horns have grown to be much too large. Desperately trying to fit in, his mother decides to sew him a hat to help him with his troubles.
  3. Technology had advanced so far that scientists are barely needed anymore. Desperate for money, a worldwide tournament begins with the competitors being human test subjects.
  4. Nina has always imagined herself to walk down the runway as a world famous model, but her parents, being the renowned demon slayers that they are, have other plans for their future monster murderer. 
  5. Pashmina is a rug connoisseur. The latest addition to her collection ended up being a portal to ancient Persia
  6. Brooke, a falsely accused murderer, has escaped prison in order to find her daughter and live their lives far away the way they’ve always dreamt of doing. 
  7. Francis is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, literally. But he doesn’t do this for an easy meal, he just really wants friends.
  8. Larry, a germaphobic 3rd grader, tries to learn the joys of being a messy dirty kid with the help of his new friend Jenna.
  9. A conniving crow finds a ring in the forest and fools all the other crows by telling them he is the chosen wizard and they all need to do his bidding. Things get complicated when his equally conniving step brother finds a watch and claims that in fact HE is the chosen wizard.
  10. Samuel the toad wants to revive the love of classical music in the swamp, so he decides to put together an orchestra. His niece really wants to join but she is a very passionate electric guitar player.