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Comic Styles: 

(honestly each of these styles look very different from each other. I’m having a hard time deciding what I want to go for)

Forest/Woods Reference:

Wolf Reference:

(again, not sure what I want to do with the wolves— do I want them upright or on all fours? I just know that I dont want them to look realistic)

Sheep Reference: 

(I just keep imagining them to look very cute)

Wolf’s Clothing

The story begins with some establishing shots of the empty woods. As the shots progress, you can hear chatter growing louder and louder until you finally see a group of wolves sitting around a campfire, talking, laughing, eating,  and just having a good time.

“Yeah man I just ripped the head RIGHT off that rabbit! You shoulda heard the sound it made!” one of the wolves brag to the group.

“Ooh bro! Thats sick, but you should have seen the way I dragged that beaver right out of his house. I killed him right in front of his wife it was pretty rad” another brags back. Francis, the scrawny black wolf sitting relatively far from everyone sighs quietly to himself.

“What was that Francis? You got a problem?” one turns and asks, annoyed. Francis is a startled by the fact that someone actually heard. Despite looking pretty scared and shaky, he answers the wolf.

“I mean, yeah a little…wolves are supposed to be creatures of elegance and clas—”

“and class YEAH YEAH we get it you buddist pansy!” one of the wolves shout at Francis, making everyone laugh.

“If you weren’t the son of Chief Fenrir I’d totally shove your head in a beehive you killjoy” says another, making everyone laugh even harder.

“Yeah for real, who invited this guy?”

“Why don’t you hang out with the sheep instead? They have a knitting circle every Thursday, you might be interested!”

Francis just rolls his eyes, gets up and walks off. The next shot would be a full two pages of Francis’ silhouette walking away from the campfire and group of wolves into the big dark woods. The next couple of pages would be different angles of Francis in the woods, like a back view, an aerial view,a close up of his face, showing his tiredness. These shots would be to really establish Francis’ loneliness and the sadness he feels. He would finally arrive at a log cabin looking house, his house. He opens the door and sees his father sitting with a glass of scotch in his hand, looking at his wall of ‘trophies’ (which are all various animal skins) proudly.

“Hey Dad…” Francis finally says. Fenrir finally turns his head to see his son standing there.

“Francis! Hey there kid! How was the party?” Fenrir says as he walks up to his son and puts an arm around Francis’ neck, bringing him to the rug to sit.

“It was fine…”

“Is that so…” Fenrir says, obviously still preoccupied with staring at his trophy wall. “Hey son check out the brand new sheep skin I added!” he says excitedly. “I had to throw out the old one. It was starting to smell a little funky.”

“Yeah…looks great…” Francis says uninterestedly as he gets up and walks away towards his room. On his way, he notices a black bag with something white sticking out. Francis takes a peek in and sees the old sheep skin his father was talking about. His eyes widen and he turns his head to see if his dad is paying attention. While his father is clearly in another world, Francis shouts “I’m gonna take out the trash, okay dad?”.

“ Sounds great, thanks buddy!” Fenrir says, still not looking at his son. Francis takes the bag and hurries into his room. He pulls out the skin and lays it on his sleeping rug. Its a little dirty but its intact. Francis remembers the wolf telling him about the sheep and their knitting circle every Thursday. He sits on his bed with the skin and thinks for a little.

“What in the world am I doing…What in the world am I thinking…” He thinks to himself with his hands covering his face. He looks up at his calendar and sees that its a Wednesday. He quickly shakes his head, shoves the skin back in the bag and stuffs it in his closet, and goes to sleep. The next day he gets up and looks at the calendar. Its Thursday. He looks with wide eyes. The next shot would be a close up of his now even wider eyes with sweat running down his face. He finally pulls out the bag and shoves it into his backpack. Francis walks downstairs and sees his father making bacon.

“Good morning Francis. What do you got there?” he gestures to Francis’ backpack.

“I’m going out to collect some spices. We’re out of thyme and mint” he says a little nervously. “Okay bye!” he quickly says as he rushes out the door leaving his father slightly confused. Fenrir just shrugs and continues to cook his bacon.

The next scene is Francis walking through the woods. This would go on for a couple of shots (him crossing a small river, walking past a berry bush, picking a nice flower, ect). Finally, he would reach a large plane of grass. He sees the sheep in the distance. Francis pulls the sheep skin out of his backpack and puts it on. He leaves his backpack by a rock and makes his way over to the sheep. They are all sitting in a circle, knitting scarves and pillows and things of tha nature.

“Ooh Mary what a beautiful pattern! You must teach me how you do that!”

“Oops! Pricked my finger!”

“Gloria could you pass me some of that green thread?” The sheep are all smiling and having a good time. Francis finally stops hiding behind a tree and approaches the sheep. He clears his throat before introducing himself.

“Uh..ehem…hi there everyone…”

The sheep all turn at once and stare at Francis. One sheep in particular comes up to him.

“Welcome welcome sweetie! My name is Mary. Oh you look so nervous. Come here!” she grabs Francis’ arm and leads him to a seat. “A newcomer how exciting! Right ladies?” Mary turns to all the other sheep who begin to smile at Francis.

“Hes got such beautiful teeth!”
“whats your name sweetie?”

“Its Francis…”

“What a beautiful name!”

“Where are you from Francis? You’re quite large!”

“Cindy thats so rude!”

“No its fine! I…uhh.. am from the mountains…” Francis states.

“Oooh!” they all say at once.

“My sister in law was from the mountains. She was a large one too.”

“Well anyway Francis, we’re glad to have you here. Lets knit something together, shall we?” Mary says. Francis smiles and nods.

“Yeah, that sounds great!” The sheep and wolf all knit together happily, sharing laughs and smiles. Francis feels amazing, he feels accepted and he hasn’t felt this way for a very long time.      

Francis looks at the orange sky, finally noticing that the sun is almost gone. “It seems like its time for me to go now”  he says to the sheep.



“Hes gotta go back all the way to the mountains!”

“Why can’t he just stay the night?”

Francis smiles at the sheep and shakes his head. “Sorry, I really have to get home. I’ll be here next week though!” The sheep all smile back and give him a big group hug. Francis is very taken aback by this gesture, but hugs them in return anyway.

“Until next time then!” Mary says as she waves. Francis smiles and waves back. As he walks towards the rock he put his backpack by, he sees a wolf hiding behind a tree, staring at Francis in horror. All Francis can do is stare back with wide eyes, mouth agape. He takes another step forward but the wolf sprints away into the forest before Francis can get any closer. Francis hurriedly takes off the sheep skin and shoves it into his backpack as he runs back from where he came (this time being more chaotic, like trampling the flowers he picked, crashing into the berry bush he passed, splashing through the river loudly). He finally reaches his home and opens the door slowly. His father is sitting on the couch.

“Hey dad…I’m back…” Francis says with a shaky voice. His father doesn’t answer him. Instead, he gets up and walks toward Francis slowly. Francis takes a step back but hes already up against the wall.

“Francis…tell me why…”

“What? Why what? What are you talkin—”

“DONT LIE TO ME FRANCIS!” (this would be a really intense scene, would take up two pages. Fenrir would be snarling and all his teeth would be showing while Francis would have his ears back and he would be against the wall really scared)

“I just wanted to—”


“No! This isn’t about you! I’m just sick of being surrounded by barbarians!(as Francis is getting angrier, his teeth are showing more and more) Look at your wall! (he walks towards it, pointing) This is disgusting! You have the hides of the ones you murdered on your wall as decoration!”

“And wearing their hides as camouflage isn’t barbaric?”


“You disgust me…you’re not a sheep, you aint fooling nobody. Sometimes I even wonder if you’re a wolf…”

“I am a wolf….maybe just not the kind that belongs here…”

“You’re right… you don’t… Get out…” Francis says nothing and just stands there in front of his dad, eyes open wide. “I SAID GET OUT!!” Fenrir screams and lunges toward Francis, who runs out the door before his father can reach him. Francis runs through the forest, crying. He finds himself at the plains where he met the sheep. The sheep are still there, sitting in a circle, eating their dinner. Francis puts on the sheep skin and walks over to them, still crying. Mary looks up and sees Francis.

“Oh my goodness, my poor baby!” she runs up to Francis and puts her arm around him, leading him to the circle. “What happened?”

“ dad kicked me out…” Francis manages to say between sobs.

“Oh no…”

“Thats awful…”

“That is unbelieveable!”

“Disgusting…how can you do that to your own child?”

“Well, what happened sweetie? Why did he do that to you?” Mary finally asks.

“Well….you see… I’m not exactly who he wants me to be. In fact…” Francis begins to take off his costume, “I guess I’m not really who you guys want me to be either…” The sheep all stare in horror. One sheep screams, another faints, but they all move back quickly.

“Francis…Francis you have to leave…right now. Please. You’re scaring us…” Mary says cautiously.

“But I won’t do anything to you guys I swear! I thought we were friends!” Francis is getting angrier, and his teeth start to show.

“Please…” there are tears in Mary’s eyes, “please, you are scaring us. You are not welcome here Francis. You do not belong here…get out…” The tears begin to flow again from Francis’ eyes as he turns and runs from the sheep.

(this next part is all inner dialogue and scattered images of Francis traveling)

“ What does it even mean to belong? Must I wear the cloak of a facade to belong? Where can I rest without a cloak? But even when stripped of this cloak…who am I? What does it mean to be Francis?

…I believe I have time to discover that. And one day, I’ll know what it means to be Francis, and when I do, I wont ever let someone tell me that I dont belong. Because I’ll know exactly where I belong.”

(final scene is a back view silhouette of Francis on top of a mountain with a gorgeous sunset)


I think this is what Francis, the main character in my story, would look like. Maybe. I have no idea, he’ll probably look pretty different by the end of this assignment. I’m still debating how I would draw the eyes and if I would make his hands look like that or not. The story will be up soooon

I think this is what Francis, the main character in my story, would look like. Maybe. I have no idea, he’ll probably look pretty different by the end of this assignment. I’m still debating how I would draw the eyes and if I would make his hands look like that or not. The story will be up soooon

10 Controlling Ideas

  1. Becca, an only child, has parents who are always too busy for her. She takes matters into her own hands one day and makes herself an imaginary friend. Things go terribly wrong when it turns out to look like the scariest thing in the world.
  2. All the little goblins in Pedro’s class stay far far away from him since his horns have grown to be much too large. Desperately trying to fit in, his mother decides to sew him a hat to help him with his troubles.
  3. Technology had advanced so far that scientists are barely needed anymore. Desperate for money, a worldwide tournament begins with the competitors being human test subjects.
  4. Nina has always imagined herself to walk down the runway as a world famous model, but her parents, being the renowned demon slayers that they are, have other plans for their future monster murderer. 
  5. Pashmina is a rug connoisseur. The latest addition to her collection ended up being a portal to ancient Persia
  6. Brooke, a falsely accused murderer, has escaped prison in order to find her daughter and live their lives far away the way they’ve always dreamt of doing. 
  7. Francis is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, literally. But he doesn’t do this for an easy meal, he just really wants friends.
  8. Larry, a germaphobic 3rd grader, tries to learn the joys of being a messy dirty kid with the help of his new friend Jenna.
  9. A conniving crow finds a ring in the forest and fools all the other crows by telling them he is the chosen wizard and they all need to do his bidding. Things get complicated when his equally conniving step brother finds a watch and claims that in fact HE is the chosen wizard.
  10. Samuel the toad wants to revive the love of classical music in the swamp, so he decides to put together an orchestra. His niece really wants to join but she is a very passionate electric guitar player.